Augmented Reality Tour in Vienna
"Experience the PAST"

Vienna is a city with an amazing history hidden on every corner. Astonishing Stories waiting to be discovered. We at VARS give people the opportunity not only to learn more about Vienna’s history, but we also make it possible to see, explore and experience history in an immersive and interactive way, like never before.

We help tour agencies take a step forward into digitalization by creating and providing them with location-based AR experiences, they use as tools for transforming their tours and taking them into a new level. Together with Archäonow, we developed Vienna’s first Augmented Reality Tour. We reconstruct Vienna’s historical buildings as 3D models and place them precisely where they used to be within the city. Our AR apps allow participants to explore different areas of the first district like Stephansplatz, Vienna’s historic city center or the Rahuensteingasse, where Mozart spent his last days creating his last masterpiece. By implementing AR in the tours, participants not only the chance to Visualize these 3D scenes but as well the chance to explore, interact and experience history by themselves in a way they will never forget.

There are many different types of tours around the city that are willing to take advantage of AR to enhance their experience within the next couple of years and VARS is going to provide them with the right XRs content to do so. We strategically partnered with a fast-growing tour agency and we are developing the first tours implementing XRs in Vienna.

Vienna's history through Augmented Reality

Vienna’s first AR Tour

Through augmented reality it is possible to show buildings that have already disappeared. 

Discover Vienna´s history through ar