Augmented Reality (AR) experiences
for Cultural Heritage & Tourism

AR & Tourism, a perfect match

AR works as a digital layer that combines the real and the virtual world in real-time. This technology allows the enhancement of the physical surrounding to make a place more attractive without making physical changes.

Every site and city has an amazing history hidden behind each corner. Astonishing Stories waiting to be discovered. Through AR app development we give you the power to show more, and your customers the opportunity not only to see more but to learn, explore and experience history in an immersive and interactive way.

XR Tour Vienna

Our passion for History & AR

Bringing history back to life through new technologies is our passion. We research and reconstruct historical buildings as 3D models, place them precisely where they used to be and provide AR apps for visualization. Through AR we connect the past with the present.

One of our references project is Vienna’s first augmented reality tour (die Erste Augmented Reality Rätselrallye Wiens, Österreich). This AR treasure hunt was the first AR tour in Austria and showed to be a huge success. Together with events company ArchäoNow we give participants the power to time-travel to the past and explore different parts of Vienna’s historic city center, giving participants the chance to learn, interact and experience history. 

Benefits of digitalization

More and more people and businesses are discovering the benefits of this innovative technology and are willing to take advantage of AR in cultural heritage and the tourism industry to enhance their experiences and services.

We at VARS design, create and develop innovative augmented tourist and cultural heritage experiences for you. Thus you can add a USP to your service and attract more customers.

Are you interested in taking a further step into digitalization and having amazing location-based AR experiences your customers will never forget?


Let´s augment the world together

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