augmented reality tour in vienna
"Experience the PAST"


For the first time ever it is possible to experience Vienna’s city centre in a completely new way through Augmented Reality (AR) and see how well-known places looked like. Archäo-Now’s «The past is now» augmented reality interactive treasurehunt allows you to time travel to the past and enjoy Vienna like never before.  Split in teams, get equipped with special smartphones and, try to solve thrilling riddles while discovering historical iconic buildings and following Mozart’s footsteps. Only those teams that solve most of the questions and solve a murder mystery will crack the hidden code at the end of the augmented reality tour. 

There are many different types of tours around the city that are willing to take advantage of AR to enhance their experience within the next couple of years and VARS is going to provide them with the right XRs content to do so. We strategically partnered with a fast growing tour agency and are developing the first tours implementing XRs in Vienna.

Vienna's history through Augmented Reality

AR Tour in Vienna

Through augmented reality it is possible to show buildings that have already disappeared. 

Discover Vienna´s history through ar