Virtual & Augmented Reality Studio

VARS stands for Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio. We are a creative studio based in Vienna, Austria (Wien, Österreich) and we create, design, and developing XR (VR & AR) content and experiences for different use cases in different industries. We believe in realities beyond our physical world, realities everyone can benefit from. Through Extended Realities, we give our partners and customers the power to show more.

We are a reliable studio that develops XR content and experiences of the highest quality.  Thanks to our experience, networking, research, and development, we are always up to date with the latest technology. This enables us to offer users highly developed, impressive and innovative solutions. We deliver XRs experiences as mobile applications, PC programs, social media Effects, among others. We are passionate about create content and experiences to help businesses take advantage of these innovative technologies. We know the adoption of these new technologies is at its early stage and we are excited to lead the way.