Innovative VR Development Projects

Delving into the world of immersive technology, VARS stands at the forefront of VR development projects. Our expertise spans a wide array of applications, from pioneering virtual reality solutions for psychological therapy to developing engaging VR games. Each of our projects is a testament to our innovative approach and dedication to pushing the boundaries of VR. Witness how we transform conceptual ideas into tangible, cutting-edge virtual realities.

Fear of Heights

VR Simulation for Exposure Therapy

Our team crafted an immersive VR experience where users find themselves inside a glass washing lift attached to the façade of a virtual skyscraper. The simulation is interactive, allowing users to control the lift’s movement, ascending or descending at their pace. This level of control and realism enhances the therapeutic experience, making it more effective for patients.

VR Project Development

Fear of Flying

VR Flight Simulation

We developed an intricate VR simulation that replicates the entire flight experience. This immersive simulation begins with the user sitting in the airplane cabin and progresses through every critical phase of a flight – from pre-takeoff preparations, takeoff, cruising altitude, to experiencing turbulence, approaching the airport, landing, and finally, taxiing on the runway.

VR Project Development Fear of Flying


Realistic VR Confinement Simulation

Our expert VR development team crafted an immersive and realistic virtual reality experience aimed at aiding claustrophobia treatment. The simulation places users in confined spaces, such as a narrow corridor and an elevator, to simulate real-world scenarios that trigger claustrophobic reactions.

Fear of Dogs

Immersive VR Dog Interaction Simulation

Our VR development expertise was key in creating a groundbreaking virtual reality simulation for cynophobia (fear of dogs) therapy. This simulation introduces users to a variety of virtual dogs in a controlled street setting, enabling them to interact with these animals in a safe, virtual space.

Crowded Subway VR Simulation

Our team specialized in VR development, crafted an immersive virtual reality simulation designed to assist in the treatment of agoraphobia (fear of crowded places). This simulation uniquely places users in a realistically busy subway station and inside a subway wagon, providing an authentic experience of being in crowded public spaces.

VR Development Projects

VR Training Environment

The goal of the project is to provide an innovative and effective training tool for first responders and firefighters. Focused on decision-making and hemorrhage control in accident scenarios, this VR application bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical, real-world application, enhancing emergency response skills in critical situations.

VR Kitchen

VR Showroom

The aim of the VR Kitchen project is to revolutionize the way customers experience kitchen design. Developed for an indoor kitchen design company, this VR program enables potential clients to visualize how different kitchen furniture, colors, and materials look, offering a more interactive and personalized design process.

VR Development Project Kitchen

Meta Quest VR Game

Within The Fortress is our in-house developed VR archery game that transports players to the Middle Ages. The game’s core objective is to provide a thrilling arcade-like experience, where players engage in defending historical fortresses using bows and arrows. It combines the excitement of gaming with a touch of history, appealing to a wide range of VR enthusiasts and casual Gamers.